Exmoor Tea Company / Groovy Green Loose Leaf Refill Pouch

Groovy Green Loose Leaf Refill Pouch


Peace & Love.
An ethical green tea infused with the delicate flavour of Jasmine. A tea both you & your body will enjoy. Now available in Loose Leaf!

Why we love it
Our Jasmine tea comes from one of the oldest organic and Fairtrade tea projects in China.

Green tea is layered with Jasmine flower buds, then left for 12 hours overnight. During this time, the buds open, releasing their oral scent into the tea. The next morning the buds are removed. This process is repeated numerous times, creating the beautiful, delicate flavour associated with Jasmine tea.

How to brew
3-4 mins, Best at 85°C

Green Tea

70g (approx 30 servings)

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