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Gorgeous Grey Cube


Lift the fog.
A bright & lively ethical blend of the finest black tea, bergamot oils, orange zest, flower petals. Just Lovely.

Why we love it
The black tea in our Earl grey originates from ethical tea gardens in India. Estate workers are empowered to make decisions & benefit from a Fairtrade partnership with the management. A more natural ecological balance has been achieved and is a shining example of how organic systems really work on a large scale.

How to brew
One pyramid per cup, 3-4 mins, Best at 100°C

Black tea, Bergamot oil, Orange peel, Corn flowers



  1. Love the packaging, love the bags and the smells heavenly.

  2. I knew it was going to be good as it smelt gorgeous before I had even brewed it! I can drink this with or without milk which shows a quality tea.

  3. (verified owner)

    How nice to have found such a truly ‘gorgeous’ Earl Grey tea. The leaves are proper size, no dust, and the aroma is heavenly. I brew this for the full 3 to 4 minutes as directed, to give time for the flavours to fully develop. There is no bitterness to the tea which can happen with a long brewed Early Grey. The aroma is one of bergamot and spice, the flavour is full with a slight tang of orange; I’ve equally enjoyed drinking it plain, with milk and even a small slice of orange.

  4. Had this in teashop in Devon – best earl grey I’ve ever had will be ordering regularly! Thank you

  5. Had this today in Lynmouth absolutely delicious xx
    Warm tones of Christmas all wrapped up in love ❤️
    You must let this brew though allow the taste to come to it’s heights

  6. A lovely birthday gift. Delicious tea, beautifully made and packaged.

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