Our Story

`` Kenny and I have always been inspired by the beauty of Exmoor. We chose to raise our family and run our business here``.

During this time, we tried to find a tea that reflected our values and gave our customers’ a tea experience which surpassed their expectations. We found many ‘cool’ teas, but these were often sub-brands of larger organisations and they didn’t have that authenticity and integrity we were after.

Building on our experience in catering, hospitality and retail, we started to work with some incredible experts in the tea industry, and pulled in a few favours from friends (you know who you are and thank you!). We sought out some of the finest ethical teas, herbs and spices, and in small batches had them expertly blended and packed here in the South West.

The result is a range of teas that are unique and mindfully blended. Our integrity shows in every detail, from our ethical sourcing, plastic free packaging, compostable tea pyramids, even our pledge to support ‘Caremoor’, which helps to keep Exmoor beautiful.